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changes due to webosnation changeover

Posted by touchcontrol on February 14, 2012

I am aware there are download issues from Preware.  This stems from the changes recently at webosnation.  I was able to edit the package properties, so there is a version bump to correct for the new file locations.  I don’t think the Filemgr dependency is working yet though.

I can only recommend doing a manual install until this is fixed.

Current version (version bumped) 0.1.3:

Pre-release version (version bumped) 0.1.4:


5 Responses to “changes due to webosnation changeover”

  1. Matthias said


    i am having trouble with Touchvol. I love this software but since 0.13 I am having the problem, that as I plug a cable to my headphone socket the touchpad goes to mute. And I have no chance to unmute it. Just a reboot helps. Removing touchvol fixed my problem.

  2. Mike T. said

    Hi, I tried downloading it from WebOSNation, it SAYS it installed, but I don’t see the icon anywhere. I tried downloading from here (well the links on and the brain-damaged browser says that it cannot open the MIME type… I’m on an HP TouchPad.

    • Depends on a few things. The current version (0.1.3) requires filemgr as a dependency. This is the place to start if you are going to install manually. After that you can install manually or through preware and it should work fine. If installed it will be listed in settings/software manager.

      Otherwise I’d say just wait for 0.1.4. I’ve taken out the requirement for filemgr & it should be ready and available through preware relatively soon.

      • Mike T. said

        Thanks, I’ll wait for 0.1.4, it’s just not happening for me… I almost want to wipe my TP and reinstall from scratch.

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