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TouchVol 0.1.5 released

Posted by touchcontrol on March 24, 2012

Just a bugfix related to some changes made in 0.1.4 to support the pre3.  Fixes improper setting of compound controls.

As usual it’s in Preware or or


2 Responses to “TouchVol 0.1.5 released”

  1. lazervet said

    I am having a problem with touchvol, and I am hoping I can get some help. I installed from preware on my touchpad. I later went to uninstall it and when I try to uninstall it freezes my touchpad completely. It seems not to be able to find the app, and what ever happens it freezes my touchpad so that it will not respond to anything and I have to wait until the battery runs down for it to boot back up. Then the touchpad seems fine but now when I have my volume up past half way it makes a rattling noise. Like the speakers are blown or something. It was perfectly fine before I installed it as far as the sound went. I am able to remove other apps that I install thru preware so it is just touchvol that I am having a problem with. I even tried to remove it in the software manager but it freezes when I try it as well. I would really appreciate any help. I would just like to remove it so I can see if that is the cause of the sound being off. I am thinking that if I could reinstall it or update it the. Maybe I would be able to remove it thru preware.

  2. […] 1ª.- Instalar la aplicación TouchVol 0.1.5Esta aplicación permitirá ecualizar el sonido en tu dispositivo tanto como para los sonidos del sistema como para contenidos multimedia, también es independiente a la hora de ecualizar los auriculares o los altavoces del dispositivo. Además de disponer del efecto de sonido en 3D, tiene configurado por defecto cuatro perfiles de sonido, estos son Bass, Treble, Mute y Loud, de cualquier forma el desarrollador bi0tech nos brinda la opción para salvar nuestros propios perfiles para utilizarlos según nos interese. También podremos configurarlo para que se ejecute en segundo plano. Para conocer más puedes pasarte por su post o por su blog. […]

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