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For anyone still happening by, be on the look out for the upcoming Android version

Posted by touchcontrol on July 8, 2013

Touchpad support will be built into the first version along with whatever devices I can get my hands on and have a functional alsa profile.


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TouchVol 0.1.5 released

Posted by touchcontrol on March 24, 2012

Just a bugfix related to some changes made in 0.1.4 to support the pre3.  Fixes improper setting of compound controls.

As usual it’s in Preware or or

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TouchVol 0.1.4 out the door

Posted by touchcontrol on March 24, 2012

See previous post for details on new features.  It’s out the door and should be available in Preware.

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Status update

Posted by touchcontrol on March 19, 2012

It looks like the JS homebrew/filemgr services were updated to support the new file locations for webosnation, so Touchvol should again install without issue from Preware.

Also, 0.1.4 is looking to go out sometime this week.  If I don’t get any additional bug reports by say Friday 3/23 then Ill push it to release.  Some notes for the upcoming release:

  • Microphone input controls
  • ucm patches added, select it and then restart pulseaudio to take effect
  • Exhibition mode added
  • Filemgr dependency removed.
  • Auto closes the dashboard launcher card
  • Dashboard now contains basic volume controls for media/system volume. They should also be available on the lock screen.
  • Added in volume tracking for system volume. (I was waiting on some changes to the services, but finally just put in some service glue to make it work for now.)
  • Choice of startup modes: 1 – Luna Patch, 2 – Full Gui, 3 – Dashboard (start Gui with second launch)
  • Master volume control added – should function as such. Can be used to control output volume from phone stream paired by bluetooth(‘speakerphone’ mode), controls speaker balance, generally the last gatekeeper in the audio output path. (default is max, it’s a little glitchy so let me know if it does anything terrible)
  • Media volume control now unifies back_speaker/headset scenarios. I originally left it to the active scenario but it’s annoying having it shift volume when you unplug the headphones.
  • Should now catch headphone volume change related to scenario switch also. May work in another optional patch to remove headphone volume from the media case definition. (either that or just catch and correct the change but this seems silly)
  • Some Pre3 UI fixes.
  • Some general UI changes.
  • Output switch button now checks for headphone presence when switching modes.

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changes due to webosnation changeover

Posted by touchcontrol on February 14, 2012

I am aware there are download issues from Preware.  This stems from the changes recently at webosnation.  I was able to edit the package properties, so there is a version bump to correct for the new file locations.  I don’t think the Filemgr dependency is working yet though.

I can only recommend doing a manual install until this is fixed.

Current version (version bumped) 0.1.3:

Pre-release version (version bumped) 0.1.4:

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Version 0.1.1 / 0.1.2 Released

Posted by touchcontrol on January 17, 2012

Version 0.1.1:  adds exporting/importing of profiles from a touch and hold context menu.

Version 0.1.2: fixes 0.1.1 because I forgot to update one line which largely breaks the import process.   (if you imported any profiles in 0.1.1 just import them again in 0.1.2 to fix it)

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Who wants to see a minimal TouchVol for older devices?

Posted by touchcontrol on January 14, 2012


Sorry to say, but there doesn’t seem to be enough support to spend the time needed for implementing an additional version.

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New version 0.1.0 released

Posted by touchcontrol on December 19, 2011

It should make it’s way to preware sometime in the next few hours.  This has all the features previous mentioned plus additional fixes.

0.1.0 Feature adds:

  • Background images
  • Colored sliders
  • Profiles
  • Launchpoint shortcuts
  • Pulse reset (for the distorted / missing audio bug)
  • About Info screen
  • UI tweaks.
  • Pre3 UI fixes

Ill probably add some instruction videos when I can get to it, but nothing is overly complicated.

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One more screenie for fun:

Posted by touchcontrol on November 4, 2011

I tend to leave Pandora playing with TouchVol up on my desk.  I found this image doing a google search, fun eye candy.  Note: This will put your cpu in an armbar and make your battery cry ‘Uncle!’  (The image was from here:  – no attribution to author or source I could find)

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TouchVol listing in Preware feed should now be resolved.

Posted by touchcontrol on October 30, 2011

Version 0.0.2 is simply a re-released 0.0.1 to resolve the preware issue.  You won’t see any differences, yet.

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